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Toi & Moi - Antwerpen - About usToi et Moi Bernardi Club is a leader in the school uniform clothing industry. Boys suits.The quality of the uniform for the children is unmatched. The uniforms fit the high standards of the schools and the parents.

Children love the feeling of our uniforms and are happy to wear our comfortable uniforms.
Our uniforms are recognized by our brand label, the Bernardi Club label. Uniforms under the Bernardi Club name are superior in every way.

We work constantly to insure the high quality of our uniforms remains. The prices of our school uniforms are unmatched, and you would be amazed by their attractiveness. Toi et Moi Bernardi Club specializes in elegant clothing for boys and men as well.

By Toi et Moi you can find dress shirts, Boys suits long rain coats and long woolen winter coats. Children's elegant dress or communion clothing is hard to find.
Toi et Moi prides itself in providing ‘chique' dress and communion clothing for children aged 2 and higher.

Our dress and communion clothing are of a superior quality and at unmatched prices. Come and check us out. Our on-sight factory and experienced seamstress can provide solutions to all your special requirements and custom orders or requests.

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